Dog Riding Motorcycle Painting

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This art piece is very unique. It gives out the vibe of a very chic and modern painting or an art work. The subjects form a very different relation of an imaginary concept. At the same time it could also be a real one. Few people might also find it funny. And that being said, it would definitely bring a smile to the viewers.


Having a very balanced white negative space, this piece can work its magic in any room and any colour palette. If it is a neutral shade, it would be harmony. If it is a bright colour palette, like yellow or green ,it would be a contrast. With any shade or any room, this work would be on of a kind. The painting has its own sense of style and thus arouses a certain amount of interest to its subject. It characterises the dog as a very stylish subject riding on a motorcycle simply implying the witty thought of the artist. It speaks to the owners silly mindfulness to give the room an edge to something unexpected.



The painting, with its prominent white colour, will make the room spacious and welcoming. It can either be a centre piece or even be placed off centred to give a different appeal to the wall.


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