Wine Glasses Painting

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With a splash or colours, this painting brings a vibrancy to itself. The wine glasses spattering its content against what appears to be a vivid abstraction of bold patches in different colours , makes up for any lack of energy in any room.


The painting might come off a bit too strong for few viewers, but it is full of pleasant shades and equally balances it out with shades of black and brown. If you look closer, you can see patterns like the ones you find in a stained glass painting, just outlined in black. This gives another layer of depth to the art.



The artist might have been trying to capture a moment of celebration with the clattering of glasses. What is so special about it is, the artist has successfully brought out the effect of moving glasses in the painting, like it is the moment just before the clinking or a moment before it. This makes it much more alive. For it has that kind of effect to it, which would make it apt to be hung in a dining room, where you might make a toast. Placing a painting related to food in a dining space would just make it more appetising.



The strong colours in this painting makes it work well on a light background of grey or white, or any other tint of the colours that is seen in it. You can see how beautiful this works on a grey background from the picture itself. This would also bring a liveliness into the room.


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