Venice Canal Painting

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Venice has always been a subject for artists. The above painting is a perfect example of why it is so beautiful to be portrayed. It is very warm and brings colours to a room.The pale blue water and sky with the strikingly colourful buildings on sides forms a pretty picture by itself. This painting from the point of view, actually makes one feel like you are there. The scene is active with the men on the boats carrying on with their lives. The warm sun rays falling on the water looks hopeful, to the start of a pleasant day or even the end to a happy day.


The beauty of the painting is that it would go with any kind of interior setting, whether its modern or classic. The painting feels like it has a story behind it. One might be taken off to thinking about a summer spend in Europe or about the times you have read about artists abroad. It inspires you to travel, reminds you the pleasure of exploring.



Placed in a room, this painting would bring life to it. Wherever it is, it would also attract the viewer to it, The contrasting colours would dominate a neutral colour palette. If the room is in place shades of grey or white or blue, this painting would be the point of attraction. It would also bring quite some positivity to the lives around it. On a neutral toned wall, this painting alone is sufficient as the decoration.


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