Boat Docked on Beach Painting

Posted by Shilpa 16/02/2018 0 Comment(s) New Products,

A well-composed landscape, with a very serene waterscape and houses at distance. This painting invokes a sense of calm to the viewer. It is pleasant and content; making you want to be in such a lovely setting to take in the view and relax.


The painting is very simple, the colors complimenting each other naturally. The painting portrays the landscape with simple strokes not too realistic but real enough to capture the essence. There are no distortions, distractions or artistic abstractions seen in this. It is as such, capturing the beauty of this deserted beach.



The water, with the long brushstrokes, seems still for a lake or sea. The waves are not that strongly put down on the canvas. So this painting has the effect of a calm context.



Since it is a landscape, this artwork would work in any rooms. It would be simple and could be paired with any wallpaper or complimenting wall colors. It should be noticed that the background color is one of the colors used in the painting itself. Else, it could make the painting look out of place. Colors like a tint of ochre, blue or white would be a good choice.



The painting will not overpower any room. It would also brighten it up with the perfect harmony of the blue waters and brown earth. This painting would definitely be very pleasing to the eyes.


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