Ballerina Painting

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What we see is a very gracious figure, floating with a total sense of freedom indulged in the dance form. She is carefree and is completely unaware of her surroundings. She is the ballet in the eyes of the artist and the painting charms us in an equal way.


It is surreal and elegant. Even though the subject is very clear, the background is still very abstract leaving it to the viewer’s imagination. And this is what makes the painting to be constricted to on particular category. It could be a classic ballerina but also a modern abstract that could give the fee of any era it could belong to.



The painting depicts a very strong woman , confident in what she does and who is ready to show it to the entire world. It is purely in the eyes of the admirer that she character evolves. We can just stare at the painting and develop our own back stories about her and her life. Still, it might feel like she is a mystery to our eyes.



The painting would make a powerful statement in any room. You cant place it in any corner or a side, or it would feel justified. The ballerina speaks for herself and totally demands to be given a prominent role in any space. The colour would do wonderfully on a grey wall, just accentuating all the shadows of it.On a pista or a peacock green wall, the painting would be very appealing.



As beautiful and delicate she is, the painting is also a composition of textures to the vision, It would bring depth to the wall. Place it above a console table with nothing but flowers on the side, the artwork will be a treat to the eyes.


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