Abstract Skyline Painting

Posted by Shilpa 12/02/2018 0 Comment(s) New Products,

With its prominent greys, the painting reminds of a washed away city in one of those monsoon days. The skyline has been portrayed beautifully in blue and black and makes it very mysterious. The artist has gracefully achieved to the beauty of the reflected skyline with the bold white strokes which also balances out the sky, making the skyline stand out.


It is quite wonderful, how such a depth and character has been brought to this painting by just the use of this black and white monochrome. As soon as you look at it, this painting makes you feel like there is a story to this mystic skyline. It could be just another town or village on a gloomy day or it just as might be an aftermath of a war. This painting, for sure , makes a bold statement in any admirer’s eye and mind.



Casted away at a distance, the skyline is perfectly harmonised by the reflection and the sky. It would bring a sophistication to the room its hung in. It will not be a subtle art on the wall, but would definitely make a strong expression. Let it be a dark or a light wall, the effect will not be downgraded. It would be hot to have just this painting as a decoration, as nothing else might go along with it.



The skyline works spectacularly magic on the eyes for us to grasp it. We could always hope for the city lights to shine through the dark shades.


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