Abstract Floral Painting

Posted by Shilpa 19/02/2018 0 Comment(s) New Products,

Pale pink roses blooming out of a coral blue canvas is indeed a wonderful thought to materialize as a painting. It stands out with its unsophisticated elements presented in a very rustic form.


This painting creates a beautiful depth behind the flowers, making it seem like the blooms are hanging from all sides rather than being presented as a top view of a garden or just flowers on vases. This has been achieved by the vertical brushstrokes of the coral blue. So the viewer has complete liberty to imagine the context of it.



It has a very feminine touch to it, a gracefulness brought out by the pastels. Even though the flowers are very subtle by themselves, when painted on the contrast of the blue, it does bring out a peculiar combination which makes it unique. It somehow makes one think of tea parties and china and pleasant summer days.



Like the colours on canvas, the painting would look amazing on a pastel pink or blue or their shades. The other pairings that could work is a deep brown wall even green tinted.



The painting is very inviting, just like flowers would do on any occasion. It would be very apt for an entrance hall, foyer or a reception. This painting will invoke all feelings related to flowers; freshness, fragrance and welcoming vibes. It would fill the room with colors and bring an edge with its beauty of abstraction.


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