Woman in Paris Painting

Posted by Shilpa 09/02/2018 0 Comment(s) Traveling, New Products,

Oh who doesn’t love Paris! A mere silhouette of the Eiffel tower is enough to bring out the romantic in you. And what better than a lovely lady in front of it. Paris has always been called many names; the city of love, the city of fashion and what not. This painting brings a complete justification to the highlights of the beautiful city.


This painting would be very close to heart for a fashionista or a traveller. It could be representing a fun photo shoot for a fashion model or the days spend on the lawn gazing at the Eiffel tower for another one. Either way, this painting is too elegant for any room.



Being cast on a completely white background and foreground, this painting would perfectly go with any space you set it in. Probably covering the winter days in Paris, it could also uplift your mood as you see it. The painting could also serve as an inspiration piece for your future. Say, for someone who wants to this to be a part of her life ahead, this piece would be a very intimate one to be hung on their bedroom wall.



Hanged against a crimson or brown wall , or even any shades of it, the entire visual point of attraction would be centred to this painting. The painting would dominate a white wall, with the profile of the tower merging with the wall.Pair it with a wine glass or two, you could bring the whole Parisian effect into your room.


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